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Welcome to this website, inspired by Arthur Dewey Crawford, researched and assembled by the Lucerne Valley Root Diggers Genealogy Association. It is here thanks to the many volunteers and private donations that keep it going. Our thanks go to the County of San Bernardino for their assistance in providing us with official public records, however this website is not associated with the county and they are not responsible for any inaccuracies.

Lucerne Valley Memorial Park is located on land which was donated by the Goulding family to the Baptist Church. The Baptist congregation has relocated and recently sold their former facility to the Crossroads Church, located in front of the cemetery just west of the Lucerne Valley Post Office between Highland and Oxbow Roads.

It was first the Goulding Family Cemetery and several of the family are buried in what is known as the Pioneer Section in the north and western sides. The Church turned over administration of the cemetery to the county after the formation of County Services Area 29 in 1959.

In 1994, a land probe was done to determine how many sites were unmarked graves. Twenty four burials were found for which there were no records. Unfortunately no one knows who these 24 people were nor when they died. Current records are very well kept so that even those for whom no marker exists are still identified in the ‘Cemetery Book’ maintained by CSA 29.


There are 3 original sections in Lucerne Valley Memorial Park. The oldest section which is on the North and West sides of the driveway is the Pioneer Section. We have designated this section in the location column as P: Next is the row indicated by a Capitalized Letter such as A-N, and the plot number. Example - P: A-23

The Center section is designated as C: Row Number, Lot indicated by an alphabetical designation such as C: 05-L.

If there are 2 burials or more in a single plot, they will be indicated by a lower case letter such as a or b. Some Cremation Burials are distinguished by CB-05. These are located in the Center section near the driveway.

The East Section is the third of the original sections. This is designated as E: Rows are A-C. Lots are numerical. Example - E: B-37.

In 2006 an extension to the Lucerne Valley Memorial Park was opened. This four acre Section is located on the south side of the original Park. It is called the Annex. The four acres are divided into 4 equal areas of one acre apiece. The Northeast acre, which we will be using for several years, is Annex I. This section is designated as AI: Rows are numbered and plots are alphabetically identified.

The Lucerne Valley Root Diggers hope our efforts facilitate your search for family who may be buried here.

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