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Surf Control Software
1900 West Park Drive
Suite 180
Westborough, MA 01581

Cyber Patrol is a powerful tool that helps concerned parents embrace technology in their homes while protecting their children online. Cyber Patrol combines flexible, customizable settings with the world-renowned CyberNOT list of inappropriate sites that is updated daily. Cyber Patrol also includes ChatGARD, a feature that prevents kids from divulging personal information over the Internet.
Solid Oak Software, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA

CyberSitter discreetly analyzes all of the Internet activity on your computer. Whenever it detects activity that a guardian or parent has elected to restrict, CyberSitter takes over and blocks the activity. If desired, CyberSitter will maintain a complete history of all Internet activity, including attempts to access blocked material. Password protected, CyberSitter is easy to deactivate or reconfigure by the guardian or parent, and difficult for the child to detect or defeat.
FamilyConnect, Inc.
PO Box 702183
Tulsa, OK 74170

FamilyConnect provides the means for homes, schools, libraries and businesses to block online pornography and illegal activity sites. FamilyConnect has been in business for over three years, providing safe Internet for families, businesses and schools. Find out how you can rest easy, knowing that your family's Internet is clean from detrimental sites.
Net Nanny
525 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 3H7

Developed in response to the significant dangers that children face on the Internet today, NetNanny places control into the hands of those responsible for children's safety. With NetNanny, parents can monitor activity, block access, send warning messages and control the use of certain words and phrases everytime a child goes online. NetNanny offers flexibility through customized database lists so that parents or guardians can screen according to their own personal beliefs. NetNanny screens both incoming and outgoing material, includes an Audit Trail to track activity and is capable of having online limits for up to 12 users.

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