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Wolf Mountain Sanctuary is a non-profit Organization to save and protect the wolf in the wild and in captivity. Tonya "Littlewolf" Carloni, half Apache, is the founder of the Sanctuary and the Wolf Moon Powwow.

The Legend of the "Wolf Moon" was told to Tony a by her grandfather, a full blooded Apache from San Carlos, Arizona: The animals met and decided they needed leadership. They chose two pairs; one from the water, one from the air, and two from the earth whose breeding together created two wolf cubs. The two cubs were, again, placed on the earth. When they reached the right age, they walked to the opening of their den. When they opened their eyes for the first time that autumn evening, the first thing they saw was the yellow harvest moon. The color of the moon absorbed into their eyes, thus creating the yellow eyes of wolf cubs. This color then absorbed into the eyes of all predatory animals.

Tonya has been with the wolves since she was very young. As she grew up with the wolves from the time she was two years old, she began spending time with them in the den. The den is a hole that a wolf digs to sleep in and have their young. Tonya would spend all of her free time studying the wolves' behavior. She has always had a special relationship with the wolves.
Tonya states, "The wolves are my family. Thev are part of me and I am part of them. We are one." My mother said that I carry the spirit of the wolf. This is a gift to me from the Great Spirit, when I was a child. I was, the 'Chosen One,' to be the carrier of the wolf spirit so that I can do for them what they cannot do for themselves. The wolves need to be understood and that is why I gave lectures at schools and different organizations--to protect the wolf and educate people.

There is Nothing Quite So Final As Extinction"

Wolves, as well as, other wild-life have been endangered by man's lack of understanding. We need to keep the wild life to insure life's balance. We are already destroying the rainforest that we so desperately need for survival. I try to remind the ones who know and teach the ones who don't. We are so wrapped up in our lives that we do not see the damage that man has done to Mother Earth. Without the ozone, we cannot survive-- the animals are telling us that we need to help."

Tonya has dedicated her life to protect the wolves in the wild and in captivity. She rescues the injured and abused wolves that otherwise would be put to sleep. When a wolf is brought to her as a cub, they grow up to be 140-200 pounds. A wolf is not like a dog--It cannot be a pet. They can dig out or jump over a 6-7 foot fence with no problem.

At the Sanctuary, Tonya, now, has a Black Alaskan, White Arctic Tundra, McKenzie Timber, Alaskan Timber, Alaskan Gray, Buffalo Wolf, B.C. Black and an Alaskan Timber Gray. The feeding and care for the wolf is not like caring for a dog. They cannot eat dog food that you find at the local store. They must have lamb, chicken, rice, red meat, apples, carrots and potatoes daily. Every other week, the wolves must have rabbit as they need the intestines and fur for their digestive track. The wolves also require the care of a veterinarian. Permits are required to operate the Sanctuary along with housing for the wolves. They must have chain link fences, poles, and gates.

The Sanctuary runs solely on donations, a lot of hard work, and dedication.

Everyone is welcome to visit the Sanctuary. Please call for an appointment either in the morning or after 7:00 p.m. at (760) 248-7818.

Visit our website at  http://www.wolfmountain.com for more information.

All donations are greatly appreciated...

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary

P0 Box 385

Lucerne Valley, CA 92356

"Conserving Our WiIdlife, Educating our Youth"

Wolf Mountain Sanctuary